Start Your Journey

Make Your Purpose A Habit

“Living consciously after years of going through the motions requires one thing: YOU WAKE UP.”

Once that calling from your heart becomes too loud to ignore, you can’t do anything but try to listen. My tried, tested and true method for embracing what could otherwise be an uncomfortable change allows you to listen to that voice, put a plan in place and make your purpose your lifestyle.

Put the Pieces Together

“The key is to stick to your goals even after you find out what it takes to get there.”

Once you really find what you are trying to accomplish, start by opening your mind to what is realistic for you. Work at putting together the steps that will get you there. Any progress is progress. There is not a speed at which it must happen. There isn’t a 21-day plan that works for everyone. It’s about finding your pace, your rhythm and your own steps. It about accepting slowdowns and preparing for anything that you know will occur. We don’t ignore roadblocks; we plan for them. This is the key to making the change a natural part of your lifestyle, which is the only way to get to your goals.

Execute and Adapt

“Map out your future, but do it in pencil.” – Bon Jovi

You now have the proper tools, the proper experts. Through all this remember to love yourself. Do not lose yourself in trying to improve out of spite. Self-Improvement with a good dose of Self-acceptance. As you execute your plan, know that life will change. That doesn’t mean the whole plan goes out the window along with the goals it was trying to make you reach. It just means that we need to adapt. Maybe it’ll go a bit slower than anticipated originally. Maybe the road will take a detour. That’s ok. Many roads can lead to the same destination. We assess, we adapt, we progress.