Why am I a Change Expert?

A bit about my own journey

A bit about my own journey

Besides the fact that I have a unique perspective as a Certified CHANGE Manager, I have undergone a tremendous transformation myself. From living a day to day life without giving much thought to my direction, I WOKE UP. This moment when the voice in your heads gets so loud you can’t ignore it, I’ve lived it.

After several failed attempts at making changes, it dawned on me: Why not use the methodology I use at work to help multi-million dollar projects be successful on my own life?! And I did. And it worked!

I took this tried, tested and true approach and I made it relatable. I made it personalized. I made it unique. This allowed me to go from 175lbs to 120lbs. It allowed me to go from omnivore to vegan. It allowed me to go from focused on work to focused on quality of life. It allowed me to go from unconscious to purposeful living. It allowed me to seamlessly and painlessly CHANGE.

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