“The Mind is a Powerful Thing”

This incredible power within that we have to change not necessarily our physical environment but at the very least our perspective about that environment… is magical. 

Some worry about not having it all figured out. But others focus on the things they DO have figured out.

Like Alice said while in Wonderland: This is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here. As I underwent my own transformation and in looking for this thing called purpose, one shift occurred in my soul. And this shift is what makes you more powerful than you can ever know.

You can focus on the fact that your life isn’t what you thought it would be. You can focus on the things on which you have in control. But that will only serve to make you a victim of your circumstances.No. That’s not a winning approach.

Winners aren’t seen as victims. But I can tell you the secret. It’s in fact not a secret at all. You have to focus on the things you CAN control. Over the run of any given today there are a million seemingly small actions in which you have control!

Let’s take nutrition to illustrate what I mean.

You may look at a person “who has it all together”. See her meal prep every Sunday. Eat perfectly measured food. All the micro-nutrients. All the macro-nutrients. And you think, that’s just not for me. I can never get to do this. I have 3 kids, and my house is a mess. I can hardly get enough time to focus on grocery shopping to keep us alive. How would I ever get that organized? Does this sound like a person who will manage to make nutrition a priority? What’s the most “victimizing” part of all this? The fact that the focus is on all the elements that are OUT of her control!

But what IS in her control?

Maybe it’s to spend one evening, one little moment of quiet (maybe while sitting at her son’s basketball game before rushing her daughter to her rugby practice), where she can do research on food that is nutritionally friendly and densly packed. Have a list that is top of mind of things that can be grabbed at any time and align to the goals (loose weight, build muscle, whatever that goal maybe). All of sudden the focus is shifted. It’s shifted towards the things that CAN be done.

Here’s the lesson I’d love for all of you to get out of this:

If you have a change that you want to make in your life but it seems like an IMPOSSIBLE mountain to climb, try to see the ONE THING you can control. Then focus on one more little thing. And as soon as you see thoughts of “well I just can’t control that”, brush it away. That’s not your path to success. Things you can’t control will NEVER be the way for you to succeed.

Focus on the tiny little things you CAN control. That’s where your path is. That’s where your winning strategy is.

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