“This is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here”

Transforming your life and your health habits is not an easy journey!

The comfortable thing to do is often nothing. Status quo. Furthermore, it’s hard to really pinpoint what the most critical factors will be to success when it comes to making changes. Ask 10 different people who have a seemingly similar goals and you’ll get 10 different answers as to what the hardest hurdle is. The reason people will have different answers is most likely because they all have a different perspective. Likely similar factors are affecting each of the individuals, but some elements weigh more on some than others.

But there is ONE THING that everyone lists somewhere. TIME.

Everyone wonders where to fit in the workouts, what the best way to get everything done is. How to find more hours in one day. But that is humanities greatest justice. Every single person gets the exact same number of hours. The fact is that what you decide (yes, it is a decision) to do with those hours makes the difference.
Here are the “tips” for maximizing your hours.
Firstly, there has to be a will. You have to really deep down want to make the change. You can review some of my previous posts to really focus on getting your “desire to change” aligned to the efforts you put towards a change.
Secondly, you have to give yourself adaptation time. Make a plan on where the steps you need to take to improve your health fit in. When will you be active? When will you prepare healthy meals? But be ready with a plan A, B, C and even D. If you first plan doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean you give up. It means you try something else.
When we undertake a change we really focus on the “softer side”. The emotional side. Why do we want to do this? How will it make us feel? What goals appeal to us? How are we going to stay motivated? etc. But there is a very tactical tangible planning side that can’t be neglected. The emotional side of change is often not the thing that will ultimately influence your success when undertaking a change. For example, having a vision is vital, but it’s not what makes you successful by itself. You need to focus on other tangible things like reminders, planning, habits, etc.
Treat your transformation goals like a trip to the store. Before heading out to the run errands, if you want to be effective you will start by defining the places you need to go.

Plan your route in the most efficient way and get your shopping done as quickly as possible.

When planning a transformation, do the same. Think of it tactically and draft up practical things to get it done.
If you showed up to a store you wanted to go to as your second stop only to find out it isn’t opened yet, you don’t forgo all of your shopping and head home thinking all is ruined!

You adapt your route and you get it done as plan B. Do the same with your health goals!

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