The Comparison Trap

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”

I would say that conquering a change in our lives is mostly an emotional journey. But in the case of health and fitness, we often have to pause and let our logic take over to ensure we don’t stop and give up!

Health and fitness actually doesn’t have a destination

That’s such an odd thing to think about when we think of something for which we set goals. We often compare ourselves and our goals to other people’s current situation. We have all looked at Fitness Accounts on Instagram and thought… how I wish I looked like that. As if all of a sudden when we’d look like this we’ll be happy. This is such an emotional response but the reality is that our health and fitness doesn’t actually have an end. And this is the logical reality of it! I remember researching how to maintain weight now that I had reached a healthy weight. And in all my research, one thing stuck with me. A simple sentence.

If you think you can now go back to your previous eating habits, you’re wrong

You don’t! What?!!! I reached my goal! Can’t this be over now? Nope. It’s not.

Health living is not a destination. It’s a lifestyle. So, comparing to someone else’s point in time assumes that this would be the “finality”. That once we’d be there we would be happy. Health. Content. Well – said reality – that’s FALSE. Once there, your journey keeps going.

To tie this back to my previous blog post, any change requires you to ask yourself 4 seemingly simple questions:
1.   What prompted you to decide to make a change in your life?
2.    Make sure you really want to do what you had set out to do?
3.    Is the plan you had put in place actually relevant and adapted to your life and your situation?
4.    Have you created an environment that lends itself to your change? ‘

Your answer to those questions have NOTHING to do with someone else. They are all about you. So, when you find yourself comparing to others, bring yourself back to those questions and remember that it’s your journey. Think logically in those emotional moments. Think about how it makes completely no sense to compare. Another great element to live more holistically is to see your health and fitness goals as something that encompasses more than just your physical self. You can only compare yourself to others physically because you have no idea what is going on elsewhere in their being. You can’t see therefore you can’t compare yourself to it. The more you see your health and fitness as not only a physical but an emotional, mental journey, the less you will tend to compare. Value your emotions and your intellectual as much as you value your physical being. My last tip: Workout and eat healthy because you love yourself. Not because you hate yourself.

Changing your life and living with intention can only generate happiness when it comes from a place not only of self-improvement, but a place of self-acceptance. This line is difficult to find, but I guarantee you will stick to your goals long terms if you spend some time investing in finding that balance. Self-improvement with a good dose of self-acceptance.

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