Why Rabid Rabbit?

Why Rabid Rabbit?

Rabid doesn’t just mean foaming at the mouth! Rabid has another less literal meaning. It means passionate!

And I can’t even explain how passionate I am about supporting people going after their goals! Nothing tugs at my heart strings more than helping people stick to new year’s resolutions. Nothing makes my heart sing more than someone being proud of what they are accomplishing!

Change is uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant!

Rabbit is very self-explanatory! One of the biggest reason I was successful is because of my transition to a plant-based lifestyle. My heart and my ethics were finally in balance with my actions. I was a little 4-year-old girl saying I didn’t want to eat meat. That moment when I connected beef and cow; pork and pig. That moment my heart bled! That moment I started eating in a way that was disconnected to my own core beliefs. Re-establishing balance was key for me so Rabbit means ALL that for me.

What’s more vegan than a bunny?

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