Down the Rabbit Hole

• How did it all start for me?
• Why should you trust what I have to say?
• What makes me qualified to launch a transformation planning website?

There are TWO things that made me have that “light bulb moment”. Each could be a very long story but I’m going to do my best to try to keep it short considering I know very well there are a million other things you can read on the Internet aside from this story.

The first thing was a sad story. My best bud Kahlua (shepherd) was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was just 8 years old. The tumor was attached to her optic nerve. Nothing could be done. She went blind almost overnight and she was given about 2 months to live. Devastated, I started researching how I could make the short rest of her life as comfortable as possible. Nutrition came up over and over as being the best way to control the effects of the tumor. That if I could maintain her body acidity low, I could ensure the tumor would in the worst possible environment to grow. Long story short, I created a detailed spreadsheet of micro and macro nutrients needed for her size and breed and went to work. I created an extremely well balanced homemade menu for her. She lived another 16 months.

My father retired extremely healthy! I was gaining about 10lbs a year and even if that doesn’t sound a lot, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes because of my size and I was scheduled for a breast reduction surgery because of excruciating back pain. I was struggling to even go up steep hills in parks at this point in my life. When my dad retired, he said: “I am so grateful to be able to retire healthy to enjoy an active lifestyle.” At that moment, it dawned on me! I need to be healthy today to enjoy not only a longer life but a life where My body will never be the limitation to accomplishing what my mind dreams up. That was to become my life mantra!

That’s the moment when I realized that my work skills were the exact skills I needed to apply to my own life!

I am a Certified Change Manager. I have a Return on Investment Calculation Certification and I have been a successful Project Manager for over 15 years.

This knowledge that I have combined for years to help people transition from one state to another. To stick to new processes. To ensure success in their projects. This knowledge could easily be applied in MY OWN LIFE! I started working at converting all my expertise and strategies for business to apply them to health and wellness! I created a plan, I used sound change management strategies and I did it! I successfully converted my lifestyle from unhealthy, prediabetes and on the doorstep of obesity to healthy, no diabetes in sight, strong and comfortable in my own skin!

I’ve now used the strategies to maintain this lifestyle for myself for over 4 years and my heart wants to share it to the world! This is when this website, this blog and my transformation support came to life.

Are you ready to make your purpose a Rabid habit?

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  1. Vien Fortin

    Bravo Nadège! Tu es vraiment inspirante. Je ne savais pas tous les défis que tu as surmontés pour te rendre où tu es. Bravo encore!

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